5cm Smelting Silver Skull

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Smelting skull 5cm long 4cm wide and 4.5cm high 

Skull Tattoos Meanings & Symbolism 

The skull is often viewed as a sign of death and associated with a negative or Tama vibrations but, skulls serve numerous symbolic purposes such as being worn as a magical protection charm.

It seems as the skulls enjoy being taken places as this permits them to finish a few of their destiny, their work. It’s also a universal sign of wisdom and truth.

Once you take an interest in skulls and you start to resonate with the particular energy of them, you might wonder what else you may use them for.

Although it’s been viewed and associated with several negative things in earlier times nowadays, it indeed isn’t considered in that fashion anymore. It’s super-groovy to travel together with you on your symbolic path, and possibly provide a small translation on the way. It is a procedure for developing your inner wisdom and spiritual comprehension.